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Welcome to the new website of Dr. Connor & Kristina Rice at the Arkona Medical Centre. This website has been created in response to the global pandemic of corona virus and will be a work in-progress over the next weeks to month, with the most important information being added first.


The website will be meant as a way to convey new information to our patients on how we will be running our practice during the pandemic, as well as keep you updated on our hours of operation, etc.


Our clinic is changing

In response to the current issues surrounding the Coronavirus we are developing plans to protect both our patients and us. We have been advised by the Ontario Medical Association and the Provincial Government to cancel all non-essential medical appointments. Effective as of March 16th the following changes are being implemented in our clinic:


  • All in-person appointments will be shifted to either phone, or preferably video-conference calls, unless we deem it necessary and safe to see you in-person. If you have an upcoming appointment booked you will be called so we can reschedule it. We honestly feel that we will be able to accomplish most patient needs in this way!

    • IMPORTANT - To find out more about video conference calls please click here

  • We kindly ask that you do not show up at clinic without calling and receiving approval to enter the clinic first. Understandably, our phone lines will likely be busy. We ask that you please be patient and try calling back or leave a single message on our answering service. PLEASE avoid tying up our phone lines if possible

  • In order to practice social distancing we will not allow patients to wait in our waiting room. If you are asked to come to the clinic for an in-person visit, you will need to wait in your car until we indicate that it is appropriate for you to come into the clinic

  • We will not be offering blood work services. If you absolutely require blood work you will be asked to go to either Dynacare or Life Labs and we will directly fax your requisition to these laboratories

Please keep in mind that we do not have the personal protective equipment to protect us from the corona virus and we can not test you for the corona virus.

Thank you for your understanding during this challenging time.